Mobile Quick Lube does the driving |

Mobile Quick Lube does the driving

Connie Steiert
Special to the Daily

EAGLE COUNTY ” Some folks don’t mind crawling under cars, but just can’t find the time to change their oil. Or, maybe they’d rather leave the oil duty to the experts, but their schedule’s too full to drag the car down to the service station.

Enter Mobile Quick Lube ” a great idea recently reborn in Eagle County.

On July 12, business owners Wayne and Brenda Conrad of Eagle rolled out their snappy-looking vans. Mobile Quick Lube was on its way, servicing customers’ vehicles, and saving valuable time for vehicle owners.

The concept is simple.

“We come to your office, to your home ” wherever you are ” and change your oil,” said Wayne.

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Whether customers need an oil change or new windshield wipers, new transmission fluid or a tire repair, Mobile Quick Lube can do it all at the home or business.

The vans arrive fully stocked with plenty of oil, as well as all the filters, fluids and wiper blades a car, truck or van might need. The vans also carry a compressor to inflate low tires, as well as special containers to safely dispose of old oil and filters.

“If we find something is low, we will bring it up to where it’s supposed to be right there and then,” Conrad said. “You don’t have to take it somewhere else.”

Based from a warehouse on Chambers Avenue in Eagle, Mobile Quick Lube’s two vans will service cars from Vail to Gypsum, by appointment. Currently, the company operates Monday through Friday, from approximately 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., with fleet service available on the weekends.

“For people who have a number of vehicles, they don’t have to pay an employee to take them down; we’ll do it right on their premises for them,” Conrad said.

In addition to Conrad, Eric Craine is Mobile Quick Lube’s other full-time employee. All Mobile Quick Lube techs are well trained and experienced, promises Conrad. “People’s cars are in good hands,” he said, adding that Mobile Quick Lube is fully insured.

Mobile Quick Lube offers a basic service package, which starts at $45, and includes an oil change and washer-fluid refill. The company also offers a Full Service package, starting at $56, which includes a check of the brakes, clutch, power steering and transmission fluids.

They also fill antifreeze reserves, monitor tire pressures and inspect all hoses, belts and wiper blades.

“Everybody doesn’t need to do a full service every time. But, every two to three times, sometimes you need to do it, so you’re not driving down the interstate and you blow a hose or lose tire pressure,” Conrad said.

This is actually the rebirth of Mobile Quick Lube in the Eagle River Valley. Conrad said the company’s former owners operated in the area for nearly seven years before shutting the business down in 2001 or 2002.

The Conrads purchased the business this past spring.

Conrad, who has owned and operated Bedrock Construction for 20 years in the valley, was looking for a new challenge.

“We used to use them (Mobile Quick Lube) when they were operating before. I loved it. It was so nice; you didn’t have to wonder when you were going to have the time to do it yourself, or wonder what you were going to do with the old oil,” he said.

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