Moderates to settle election |

Moderates to settle election

Don Rogers

The punishment would be light indeed if the Democrats squeaked out a small majority in the House and perhaps even the Senate.But mid-term election backlashes against the party of the president are not unusual. Taking back Congress in these elections are not necessarily lasting, either.No doubt the crowing if the Dems pull through as widely predicted will be widespread.No doubt, they’ll weigh in mightily about new mandates and all that. But beware, Dems, should this turnover even happen, there’s no guarantee that the long-term momentum will change. That pendulum could well swing back just as fast to the Republicans just two years later.The question will be how crazy Democrats get if they win control. Here’s a guess – and a hope – that if they act as the Republicans have, this will be a short time in power.Of course, this also is a prediction they will act as politicians of every stripe always do – in their selfish interests. So look for retribution, revenge, K Street in reverse. Pork, partisanship, playing the same old game. And the pendulum swinging again.Plenty of Republicans dismayed at their own party’s recklessness and Rove politics count on this as they cast ballots. They are the ones who might put the Democrats over the top today. And they’ll be the ones to take it all back in 2008. They are moderates. Let’s see which party figures this out first for that longterm mandate.Vail, Colorado

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