Mojo goes big at DockDogs GoPro Mountain Games |

Mojo goes big at DockDogs GoPro Mountain Games

Daily staff report
Ken watches his yellow lab, Suagr, leap ahead during the Dueling Dogs Competition on Sunday morning.

There were only two dogs that managed to jump more than 26 feet at the Blue Buffalo DockDogs Outdoor Big Air qualifying on Friday, and Mojo was one of them. The canine cannonball contest that rewards distance over style is a team competition, demanding perfect synchronicity between man — in this case David “Shag” Stepp — and his best friend, Mojo. With Shag’s well-placed and timed throws from the dock, the 2-and-a-half year old Mojo took flight for leaps that went on to top the Sunday finals.

“You get to the finals and anybody can win,” said Stepp, whose lean yellow lab won the first DockDog contest he ever entered last year. “It’s just a matter of everything falling together and having a great jump. Because once you get there, everybody can jump.”

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