Mom turns daughter in for stealing shirt |

Mom turns daughter in for stealing shirt

Tamara Miller

Sometimes mom can be a nag; other times, she’s a narc.

A University of Arkansas student who vacationed in Vail recently was none too happy when her mother found out she allegedly had stolen a shirt from a local boutique – and then asked Vail Police to prosecute.

The shirt allegedly was stolen from the Vail shop on March 12. The mother left a message with the shop owner, who in turn forwarded the message to police.

According to police reports, the mother said she was sick of bailing her daughter out and wanted her prosecuted “so she would learn her lesson.”

When contacted directly by police, the student expressed anger toward her mom and the shop for causing her trouble, according to police reports.

She was offered three options: return the Armani shirt, pay the shop $138 to offset the shirt’s cost or face a warrant for arrest. She told police the shirt was in the mail.

Domestic disturbance in Avon leads to arrest

A fight in an Avon apartment last Sunday lead to the arrest of a man for allegedly injuring his girlfriend.

After receiving the call for help, police spoke to the 20-year-old girlfriend who was crying and complaining of pain in her throat. She told police that her boyfriend had held her down by her neck and pressed his knee into her chest. When offered medical attention, she refused.

The boyfriend was arrested on suspicion of domestic abuse.

Shoplifting suspect abuses child in front of police

A Leadville woman detained by Wal-Mart employees for shoplifting also was charged with child abuse for allegedly handling her infant daughter violently during a police interview.

Police contacted the woman at the Wal-Mart Supercenter in Avon after employees allegedly caught her stealing. While interviewing the woman, officers allegedly saw the woman be “physically violent” with her 7-month-old daughter. When police asked her to stop, she complied.

She was summonsed for theft and non-injury child abuse.

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