Money for kids found |

Money for kids found

Vail Daily Editorial
Vail CO, Colorado

Turns out, as many argued, a tax to pay for day care and other early-childhood-development programs wasn’t necessary. The county appears to have found the funds in its budget.

This is a wise move. It shows political courage on the behalf of the commissioners to stand up for what they think is right despite the voters’ defeat of the child-development tax in the November election. They’ve defied those who argued wrongly that the government doesn’t have a role in making sure the community’s children are healthy.

And the commissioners listened to the many voters during the election campaign who said while they opposed a tax, they’d support funding early childhood-development programs if the county used money it already had rather than asking for more property taxes.

The programs in line for funding ” day care, health programs, family support ” will benefit the children of Eagle County and the community as a whole. The level of resistance to the programs is surprising, considering the number of people in the community who claim to worry about the decay of the American family and the waywardness of this generation of young people.

Some of the programs will help the middle class find day-care and therefore, remain a part of the community. And the evidence is pretty convincing that children who by adolescence may end up “at-risk” can be put on a healthier path much earlier in life.

The funding hasn’t yet been allocated, so let’s hope the commissioners stick to their guns and create a more nurturing environment for the county’s youngest residents.

” Matt Zalaznick for the editorial board

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