Monorail makes more sense |

Monorail makes more sense

As winter and the ski season rapidly approach, so do the traffic woes of I-70.

Traveling to and from Denver will again become a running of the gauntlet, filled with jack-knifed 18-wheeler trucks, caravans of tourists traveling from Denver International Airport to the resorts, and Denver locals hoping to catch some fresh powder. Add falling snow to the already packed I-70 and the result is the all-too-common nightmare traffic jam stretching from Denver to Eagle. What can be done to remedy this problem?

The one solution that makes sense is building a monorail. This idea is being championed by Ali Hasan, who is running for the state House seat for District 56. Mr. Hasan has a common sense approach for paying for the project as well, using private funds and municipal bonds, that would be approved by voters in a statewide ballot. Mr. Hasan’s plan for a monorail would drastically cut down traffic on I-70 while at the same time cut down the pollution that is released from the miles and miles of cars stuck in traffic.

Imagine the ease of traveling from DIA to one of the resort communities without having to rent a car, negotiate Denver traffic, and sit in seeming endless traffic jams on I-70. The tourism dollars flowing in to the state would increase and all the while the clean Colorado air could stay clean.

Mr. Hasan’s idea is progressive, but that is what we need from our representative. We don’t need antiquated ideas, such as just adding more lanes to I-70 in select areas, a plan that would just create more traffic jams and more pollution for Colorado. The cost of adding lanes and the cost of building a fast, safe and clean monorail are nearly the same, considering that the monorail manufacturers will give billions of dollars in credits to the state for using their technology.

Mr. Hasan is the type of forwarding-thinking representative we need in Denver. I fully support Ali Hasan for house representative for District 56. I believe his innovative ideas for I-70, the pine battle problem, affordable housing, education, taxes and his enthusiasm for the job make him far and away the best choice.

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