Monster on table |

Monster on table

Rondi Berge
Eagle, CO, Colorado

Why is this ridiculous monster of a project still on the table?

Do these developers understand or even care as to what is going on with the economy not only in Eagle County, but the world?

As a small-business owner, I am dumfounded by the tenacity of these people who will stop at nothing to violate the beautiful pastoral lands in the name of greed.

If this project is approved and built, Eagle would actually have two ghost towns; the giant skeleton of a big box cemetery to the east of Eagle, and all of the smaller echoes of businesses in the Central Business District, especially those businesses on Broadway.

I, for one, prefer to shop in the locally-owned stores, eat at the local restaurants, and support my friends in this scary economy. What makes these developers think that “If they build it, they will come” mentality would actually work in our small town?

As citizens of Eagle County, please support your local small businesses and send a message to these others that they should go back to Kansas, or wherever, and stop violating and pillaging Colorado for the sake of their own pocketbooks.

Rondi Berge

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