Monthly meetings pack a load of information |

Monthly meetings pack a load of information

Lourdes Ferzacca
Vail, CO, Colorado

Some of you may have noticed the lack of a monthly membership meeting for May. Taking a break from meetings in May is something we have always done. It’s in our by-laws. This also complements the slower season in town.

May is a time to give steadfast attendees a short respite, but also a time for us to reflect on the past year. Over the past 12 months, the Vail Chamber and Business Association is proud to have hosted some of the most important and exciting meetings we have ever held, and we hope to match that excellence again this year.

Last June the chamber heard from Steve Gall, publisher of the Vail Daily. Steve opened a conversation about the state of the paper, the role of the Daily in the community and welcomed feedback from members.

July’s was one of the most relevant meetings. Rob Katz, the newly appointed CEO of Vail Resorts, spoke about the changes occurring in the company at that time. Topics including as the Front Door Project, and the Alpine Slide were discussed, and we can only believe participant feedback helped shape what is happening today.

On an equally important scale to the Vail community, the speaker at August’s meeting was Greg Repetti, CEO of the Vail Valley Medical Center. At the time, Repetti was fairly new to the medical center, and he shared his thoughts and experiences with us. Attendees received valuable information about the future of the medical center, and learned they could look forward to the center growing with the community.

September marked our most successful benefits meeting to date, the annual Benefits and Breakfast Bash. An astounding number of people from the business community attended. We hope that this year’s benefits meeting will draw the same interest. With all the changes going on in the chamber, we have no doubt that it will.

We were fortunate to have a few other Vail Resorts representatives speak at our meetings. Right before the Turn It Up! program began last fall, we received merchant pass information right before it was formally announced to the public. Since community members always have questions about the pass, that meeting was extremely informative and helpful.

One of the most popular meetings this past year was the annual “State of the Mountain” talk from Vail Resorts Co-President, Bill Jensen. Jensen talked about the mountain’s rankings for this past season and in years past, and covered the demographics of visiting skiers.

Two of this past year’s most informative meetings included talks from Craig Bettis of the Vail Police Department, and Pat Richardson, Assistant Vice President of the Fraud Division at Alpine Bank. Bettis talked about preventing prevent fraud, shoplifting, and robbery, and gave important information on how to spot a thief, a false form of identification, or a bad check.

Richardson talked about Identity theft, how to prevent it, and how to recover from it should you be a victim. Both talks gave the community important tools to use in everyday life.

The chamber hopes to continue this trend of important and relevant meetings into the new year. In fact, on June 12 Colorado State Representative Dan Gibbs, will be the featured speaker. Gibbs was recently appointed a member of the Colorado Tourism Board, so we look forward to hearing from him about planned marketing efforts for the state.

Please look for more announcements in coming chamber, as well as in the Vail Daily.

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