Moose injures toddler in Grand Lake area |

Moose injures toddler in Grand Lake area

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Vail, CO Colorado

GRANBY, Colorado – A moose ran into and injured a young child in the Grand Lake area around noon Thursday.

The 2 1/2-year-old boy was knocked over when the moose ran into him from behind at the Pine Beach area of Shadow Mountain Reservoir, according emergency officials. The boy was playing with his brother on the beach at the time, they said.

“The moose kind of ran over him … and kept going,” said Randy Hampton, Colorado Division of Wildlife spokesman.

Hampton said that reports so far indicate the animal did not stop and attack the toddler.

The child, who suffered from what initially appeared to be a minor head injury, was flown from Granby Medical Center to Children’s Hospital, Denver, said Emergency Medical Services Cpt. Nowell Curran. The child was alert and crying, she said.

The child’s identity has not been released.

Hampton said DOW wildlife officers in the area have a description of the moose and are searching for it.

Grand County Sheriff’s officers are investigating the incident as well.

“It will be put down” if officers locate the animal, Hampton said, which, judging by descriptions, is an adult female. He said there have been recent reports of a cow with twin calves in the area, but it is not known if that is the same animal.

Hampton cautioned that moose should not be taken lightly.

They are the largest animals most people are likely to encounter in Colorado, “so it’s pretty important that you give them some room.”

If you do encounter an aggressive moose, “You want to put something big between you and it,” he said, such as a car, or large rock or trees.

Bull moose are entering their annual rut, during which they can become aggressive, Hampton said.

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