Moose spotting |

Moose spotting

It was only a training, but you would have never known it by the incredible effort, teamwork and communication by all of the agencies involved in a live training in Vail on Aug. 15. After a staged shooting at the Ford Park ball fields, four fake victims wearing realistic “Cut Suits” created by Strategic Operations were taken to Vail Valley Medical Center for full medical assessments and real-time surgeries. Typically used for military training, this was one of the first times the Cut Suits were used by a hospital in one of the most advanced and collaborative community emergency trainings ever performed. Special thanks to Eagle County Sheriff Special Operations Unit, Eagle County Paramedic Services, Vail Police Dept., Vail Fire Dept., Eagle River Fire Protection District, Vail Recreation District, town of Vail, Rocky Vista University and Vail Valley Medical Center.

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