Moose stroll onto Wyoming golf course |

Moose stroll onto Wyoming golf course

CHEYENNE, Wyo. – It was an unusual hazard, even in Wyoming.

Three young moose ” a cow and two yearling bulls ” ambled onto the golf course at Little America Hotel and Resort on Thursday.

The moose wandered around the first three holes, took a dip in a pond, got a drink, then rested, according to Eric Fedell, grounds and golf manager at Little America.

Crews rerouted golfers around the animals, which rarely are seen so far east in Wyoming.

Customers at the gas station at Little America got a good view of the moose.

“We had quite a traffic jam,” Fedell said.

Game and Fish spokesman Eric Keszler said the moose probably came down from the Pole Mountain area more than 20 miles west of Cheyenne.

“There is a moose population there, and it’s been growing,” he said.

Wyoming Game and Fish Department workers tranquilized the moose, loaded them onto a trailer and shipped them off to the Snowy Range about 100 miles west of town. Neither the animals nor any golfers were hurt.

Resort officials said they worried that the moose could wander onto nearby Interstate 80.

“We’ve never experienced anything like that before. We have a lot rabbit and geese, but no moose,” resort spokeswoman Sue Clark said.

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