Morality in the womb |

Morality in the womb

Don Rogers

With Sam Alito and another anniversary of the Roe vs. Wade ruling on tap, abortion again finds itself in the headlines.Only seemingly a gambit to be endlessly and rather mindlessly debated to the politicos, reduced to ideological code, abortion rights cut to the very core of morality. There is no good answer here.To call the spark of life mere tissue to be dispensed with on whim is repugnant.To force full-term pregnancy on young and/or ill women in the earliest stages after insemination hardly seems right, either.Neither pole in this tilt is quite sane. And ultimately, there is no real middle, no neat compromise. The law has to take a side, though it strikes us that it ought to at least be parsed so that theoretically viable infants outside the womb are not terminated, and “morning after” tonics are not hard to purchase.Rather than slippery-slope steps, both measures ought to be views, at least legally, as common sense.Certainly churches are invested in the argument, as they should be. The consequences of abortion indeed have profound ethical questions. But as we know, church is not state. Much or our morality is deeply personal, rather than legal.Sociologically speaking, it’s very interesting that crime has taken a dive in the era following Roe vs. Wade, presumably with poor, uneducated, impoverished women such as Ms. Roe having fewer babies to grow up in the rough conditions that tend to breed criminal behavior.But with families desperate enough to travel the far reaches of the world to adopt, it’s hard to argue that no one exists to love these babies deeply and provide stable environments if they had the opportunity.What’s best for humanity here? Alas, neither right nor left has that definitive answer.Riding highThese Broncos fans, they need a kick right in the …You’d think Sunday evening the team had gone 4 and 13 instead of the other way around, getting all the way to the AFC championship game, one away from the Super Bowl, the way these folks carried on.Look, they had a couple of bad breaks. That’s football. A hotter team, the Steelers, made their plays. The Broncos, lest you forget, overachieved if anything.Vail, Colorado

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