More condos could line Highway 6 in Avon |

More condos could line Highway 6 in Avon

Matt Terrell

AVON – A Texas developer is proposing a high-end, 112 unit condominium project on Highway 6 neighboring the Gates on Beaver Creek.The plans are big and bold, requiring heavy excavation on the steep mountainside to fit it all in. Retaining walls of up to 60 feet high would be needed for stabilization, and buildings could reach heights of up to 115 feet.It’s a 21 and a half acre stretch of land, but only six acres would be developed. The rest would be designated as permanent open space.The development, which would include a 3,000 square foot restaurant, would be expected to give Avon a significant economic boost, according to an Avon staff report. The developers are also seeking a silver certificate from LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.The plans will be reviewed by the Planning and Zoning Commission on Tuesday in a public hearing. Town planner Matt Pielsticker said Avon staff will recommend tabling, or delaying an approval vote, so the applicant, Premier Property Holdings, can address conflicts with Avon’s comprehensive plans and municipal codes.”It’s about as intense of a development as you could put in,” Pielsticker said. “We want to see if there are ways to avoid a canyon effect on Highway 6.”A staff report to be presented at the commission meeting brings up environmental concerns, such as the large number of Douglas Fir that would be removed. Staff is also concerned with the geological hazards associated with excavating very steep portions of the mountain.”Instead of responding and working with the existing topography of the site, it is evident that the buildings were placed on the site plan with little sensitivity to the natural topography,” the report states.The report also expresses concerns with Avon’s housing needs. Citing a study that shows Avon lacks housing in most price ranges, especially under $450,000, Avon staff would like to see more price ranges in the development and on-site workforce housing.It should be noted that in Avon’s Comprehensive Plan, the property is actually intended for residential and lodging use, but it’s the intensity of the project that Avon staff is concerned with.Construction would move in three phases, but no time frame has been set. The first phase would include 58 condo units with underground parking. The second and third phases would each build 27 units, and the second would include restaurant construction.==========================================================A public hearing for the proposed development on U.S. Highway 6 will be held at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday in the Avon Town Council Chambers during the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting.==========================================================Staff writer Matt Terrell can be reached at 748-2955 or

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