More important than numbers |

More important than numbers

At the Oct. 1 meeting of the Eagle Town Board, Susie Kincade and Lori Martin skipped past the details of the Eagle River Station proposal and spoke directly from their hearts to the trustees about the project as a whole.

Susie reminded us all about the 30-plus years that were spent opposing the Adam’s Rib Development because it didn’t fit the “small town” character of our community. As an aside, she noted that when the Iroquois Nation of upstate New York is considering any major issue, its members try to anticipate what the effects of that decision will be on their people seven generation hence.

It’s clear that we have no less of an obligation to our future generations.

Lori spoke fondly of the past 28 years she has spent raising her three daughters in this valley. At times she became choked up. She became choked up because she feels passionately about this wonderfully unique place we live in and she knows that if Eagle River Station is built, this community will be irreversibly changed for the worse.

I know that the Eagle trustees also feel passionately about our town. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t invest so much of their spare time conducting its business.

So ask your trustees to put down the paperwork and like Susie and Lori, look at Eagle River Station with their hearts. When they do, they too will see that it’s too big, it will generate too much additional traffic, its financial projections are questionable, it doesn’t fit our small town and it would be a sad legacy to pass on to our children.

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