More pieces found from missing wallet |

More pieces found from missing wallet

Ryan Summerlin

GARFIELD COUNTY — The astounding saga of a missing wallet found 37 years later continued Thursday morning, when a Carbondale man said that he, too, found a wallet belonging to Charles W. Luebbert.

The first find came when hunters near De Beque discovered a wallet containing several ID cards and a hunting license that appeared to have been lost in 1980. They belonged to a Grand Junction man who died in 2008. After the Glenwood Post Independent published an initial story on the find, the man’s children quickly connected with the newspaper and were ecstatic to claim their father’s long-lost property.

But months before that, another piece of the man’s missing property had been found.

Craig Fowler was mountain biking in November with a friend in the De Beque area when he came across something sticking out of the ground on a dirt road.

‘Scattered all over the country’

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Realizing it was a wallet, he pulled it from the ground, where it was tightly wedged.

The brittle wallet was mostly empty, except for one pocket where he found a few credit cards.

A Visa card bore the name Charles W. Luebbert and was dated 1980. They looked up the name and found several Charles Luebberts in Grand Junction. But they suspected the one they were looking for had passed away.

“Oh, for crying out loud. Dad’s stuff must be scattered all over the country up there,” said Linda Drake, Luebbert’s daughter.

“It was right in the middle of the road, so I can’t imagine how many people must have ridden or driven over it,” said Fowler. “Is it possible Charles lost two wallets?”

Drake, however, speculates that these must be two pieces of the same wallet. The hunters who found the first one said the outer shell appeared to have disintegrated. She believed the hunters had discovered the wallet’s plastic insert containing several other cards.

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