More, smaller dwelling built in county last year |

More, smaller dwelling built in county last year

Cliff Thompson/Daily Staff Writer

Records reflect a somewhat better year than 2002, but one that’s well behind the record numbers posted in previous years.

The actual totals for the county have not been generated because they’ve been held hostage by a new computer program at the county’s community development department. Computer experts are working diligently to extract the exact numbers, staff members said.

However, based on projections generated by the activity of the previous 11 months, there were approximately 567 building permits issues in 2003. That’s 13 percent better than 2002’s 460, but well behind 1999’s 624.

The valuation, or replacement cost, of the structures built – projected at $142 million – is less than half of the $322.8 million in 2000, but a notch ahead of 2002’s $135 million.

That means more, smaller dwellings have been built, which mirrors the active of entry-level housing market, which is being driven by continued low mortgage interest rates.

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A projected total of 277 dwelling units were built with 163 single-family units and 114 multi-family units. In 2002, a total of 178 dwelling units – consisting of 66 multi- and 112 single-family units – were built. In 1999, a record total of 494 units were built.

The county’s building permit fees, based on a graduated scale of charges linked to building size and type, are expected to total $897,840 – a smidgen less than last year’s $908,466 and approximately 60 percent of the record set in 2000 of $1.43 million.

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