More Ten Year Reunions |

More Ten Year Reunions

Kate VanHee (BMHS)

Sarah Schlegel


“It will reflect the success of our hardworking class. It’s not surprising to look around the room and see most of my classmates reminiscing about the good ‘ol days and sharing the story of their success. Most of my class has received higher education. The crowd is full of athletes, entrepreneurs, thespians, scientists and even a few doctors. Our class is no longer separated by cliques because our hard work has shown us how to be a team and get along with everyone. We have all worked hard and it’s not surprising to see it has all paid off over the past 10 years.”

Nicole Parker


“Once graduation has passed and college has come, I will honestly look forward to my class reunion.

“As Mr. Phelan said, ‘You all are more like siblings than friends,’ and we are. We fight and laugh together and at each other every minute of the day. After high school, I may not talk to everyone, but at least half of them I will be in contact with.

“So, now the class reunion. I think everyone will be different, but there are some characteristics you just can’t change. These people are irritating at times (Matt Heelan), but I love each and every one of them.

“I think everyone will have grown up a lot. Bradie will be more down to earth, but still crazy. Jake will still have an opinion on every issue known to man and still be breaking things everywhere he goes. Jon will still sing out loud when he’s walking around, and make me feel like a moron just by glancing at me. Josh and Oliver will still be the best of friends. Oliver will have stopped getting in accidents and started being careful. Matt will still speak his mind, but maybe more ‘intelligently’ (sorry, Matt, you know I love you). Kira will still ‘whine,’ but she will not “be 13 years old” anymore. Kaley will be madly writing books, but still living life to the fullest. Garrett will have found his calling and will be well off but still be as relaxed as ever.

“Until the trip to Costa Rica as seniors, I didn’t know Cecilia at all. She is a very quiet, yet caring person. I think she will be more outgoing in 10 years, but still keep that peaceful and content atmosphere about her.

“Overall, everyone in my class, even those I didn’t mention, have the ability to do amazing things. It’s just a matter of how much they work towards it. Even Matt, who is the slacker of the class, will be successful in ten years and happy. It’s hard to say what people will do in the future, but these 17 people will do great things, I can guarantee that.”

Tim Peters


“It will be time for meeting up with old friends that I currently go to school with. It will be time to catch up what I have missed and learn new things about my past friends. In 10 years, I hope to be wealthy and have followed my dreams. I hope to see all my friends being wealthy and successful in life also.”

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