More vital than politics |

More vital than politics

Don Rogers

Eagle County’s state representative, Gary Lindstrom, gave up his quixotic campaign for governor this week. Too bad.In this corner we rather liked his pluck, his struggle for recognition outside the High Country, his stand on principles – even if we disagreed with some. But it seems he slowed from 90 to zero. In the same breath he announced the end to his candidacy for governor he also said he’ll pass on running for re-election to the state House.That’s really too bad. The more experience he gained in the state House, the more effective he would become representing the High Country.This turn renders a quixotic quest rather pointless. Running as governor, which could not help but attract awareness to mountain town issues, would have made sense if Lindstrom meant to continue serving as state representative. But quit the campaign and the current office? What was served by all that? Not the public, which rightly is a little confused.The message under all this is quite personal. Lindstrom’s wife suffers from multiple sclerosis and lives in a Boulder nursing home. He’s come to realize she is more precious than all this political junk. He realizes he needs to spend more time with her. So he’s made a wise choice.In his place, U.S. Rep. Mark Udall’s High Country aide, Dan Gibbs, is close to running. Gibbs is a good choice, a smart young man who listens well. Former state Rep., and Sen. Ken Chlouber is a good choice, too. We’ll be in good hands either way. Vail, Colorado

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