Mormon seniors headed for missions |

Mormon seniors headed for missions

Cindy Ramunno

Eagle Valley seniors Jake Tolbert, Dustin Platt, Tommy Ehman and Tyler Pack have some hard work ahead of them. The four are planning mission trips for the Mormon Church, which includes a two-year stint of hard work and education.

The way it works is a person has to be 19-years-old to represent the Church on a mission. These boys attend Mormon Church in Gypsum. Usually, he plans with his local Bishop ” in this case Mike Fowler ” and goes through an interview process. After lots of paperwork, a complete physical and interviews with his Stake Bishop, members of the Church ” with God’s help ” decide where the person would be most helpful. These boys belong to the Meeker Stake, which includes Craig, Steamboat and Vail.

Then he is sent to begin his two-year mission after some intense training. And we’re talking intense … an interesting fact is that the Mormon Church’s training teaches members foreign languages so fast that militaries have tried to mirror the techniques.

Pack is ahead of the pack since he’s graduating a year early. He will be serving the next two years in the National Guard and will go into his mission at 19 with two years of college under his belt through the Guard. After his mission ” at 21 ” he’ll finish college. “I’m hoping to attend an Ivy League school back east for my last two years of college,” says Pack, who moved to Gypsum with his family from Utah three years ago. Two of Pack’s older brothers have completed missions.

Tolbert, Ehman and Platt will be working this summer and will then begin their missions when they turn 19 years old. Tolbert is searching for a summer job, and Ehman has already started working for the RV Campground in Dotsero. “I turn 19 in July,” says Tolbert, who plans to start his mission in late August.

Proud is the word to describe how Church members feel and how the senior’s parents feel about the boys’ up-coming plans. “My mom really wants this,” says Ehman, who also adds that he too is excited and happy about his plan. Proud and happy parents produce proud and happy boys ” boys who are willing to give themselves to others in need for the name of their beloved Church.

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