Morter: We’re staying in Vail |

Morter: We’re staying in Vail

VAIL, Colorado ” Jim Morter’s Vail, Colorado office is pretty quiet these days, but it’s still open.

Morter, who’s been in the architecture business in Vail since 1972, is trying to ride out the current economic slump as well as he can. That’s required some severe steps, including making consultants out of all of his company’s architects. Those architects are working on Morter projects as they come up, but are free to work independently as well, he said.

At the moment, the Morter Architects staff is pretty much him and an administrative person.

But the office remains open, although much of Morter’s work these days is talking to callers asking if he’s shutting down the Vail office and consolidating operations in his Austin, Texas office.

Morter’s taken so many calls, in fact, that he’s recently e-mailed out a letter to clients and others explaining the changes at the office and assuring them the company is still ready to work.

Morter said, at the moment, the design part of the local real estate business has dried up.

“I’ve been talking to clients,” Morter said. “They’re optimistic, but there’s nothing brewing right now. It will change, and we’ll be here.”

And there are jobs literally on the drawing boards-” or, these days, computer screens.

“There’s a lot of work we’ve been selected for,” Morter said. “But all those projects are on hold right now.”

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