Most important of all issues in America? Health care (letter) |

Most important of all issues in America? Health care (letter)

I’ve written other letters to the editor, zeroing in on many issues such as gun control, immigration, infrastructure, the Puerto Rico crisis, the Russian influence in our 2016 election, immorality and “alternate facts,” which are simply lies being accepted in our society.

However, in my opinion, the health-care issue is the most important in our America. Without your health, there is no quality of life.

I am an elderly female, and what I gather from the news is that when my children reach the senior status, there will be no more funding for Medicare, and 10 years after that, no more Social Security.

I guess my children were right when they said, “Mom, I will have to work until the day I die.” This is an extremely troubling thought for me and so very sad.

What has happened to our country that it is becoming impossible for the blue-collar worker or, for that matter, even the white-collar worker to ever be able to retire? I know the “happy days” of the ’50s were not going to last forever, but little did I suspect the situation in America would be this dire in 2018. Did any of you?

I am grateful that I lived in the era that I did and that I’m as old as I am in 2018. We have had the privilege to enjoy our retirement years, which our children, now in their 50s, will not.

I know so many people have the mindset that universal health care is not for them, but do you have a better solution? Just sayin’! Praying for a solution to this extremely important issue.

Linda Carr


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