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Most Romantic Spot

Preston UtleyTony Gulizia knows how to spin a mood at Grouse Mountain Grill.

Grouse Mountain Grill


Beano’s Cabin

Whether you talk to the manager or the chef, there’s one reason Beaver Creek’s Grouse Mountain Grill was voted the most romantic spot in the county. “Tony G,” said executive chef Joe Richie, talking about piano player Tony Gulizia. “He’s definitely a mood creator. He’s pretty creative so he can go in any direction, do anything. He’ll go from piano and jazz standards to serenading table-side with his accordion.” Don’t think an accordion sounds sexy? Just wait until you hear the man. Remember all of those yearning feelings a beautiful, lonely sound can inspire? That’s Tony G’s squeezebox, with an undercurrent of joy. “People might get up and start dancing in the piano bar. He does create the mood,” continued Richie. And the view of the mountains can’t hurt the scene, with the lit-up hotel rooms throughout Beaver Creek winking like stars.

Chocolate is a poet unlike any laureate. At Rimini, the chocolate is also a king. Hand-crafted chocolate morsels alongside a myriad of gelatos might attract the masses, but it’s the ambiance that will keep them there. Chocolate-colored ceiling tiles help set off the enormous, shining espresso maker that’s the room’s focal point. Want insider’s advice? Try the cocoa. For those in need of an entire night of free-wheeling romance, try Beano’s Cabin. The warm mountain-side restaurant (reached by snowcat-driven sleigh) has one of the friendliest staffs in the valley, and a great musician. Eat a five-course meal while gazing upon part of Beaver Creek Mountain, and then snuggle up with your honey on the trip down the hill.

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