Motherly advice from RCHS |

Motherly advice from RCHS

Amalia Vasquez
Dominique Taylor/Vail DailyAmalia Vasquez and Sara Stein, both seniors at Red Canyon High School, with their sons, Josue, 3, and Tarren Kai, 2.

I became a mom at the age of 14 and made a promise to my unborn child to graduate a year early, and here I am today, graduating with the class of 2005, instead of the class of 2006.

I have big plans for college. The best thing I can give my kid is my high school education and then proceed to give him a way toward his own college education. It took commitment and will power to get me here, and now my plans are to go to Mesa State College.

I am on the Fast Track program, which pays for one year of my tuition because I am graduating a year early. I plan to continue my college education and get an advanced degree in physiology. Then I plan to open a home for teenage moms and help them get their education, and I also plan to work in a rehabilitation center for teenage addicts and help them get off drugs and get back on track to lead a successful life.

I also plan to open a bakery, where the teenage moms can work and help raise money for the home, but also learn some business skills.

I have so many plans for the future and all of this wouldn’t be possible without the help and support of my mom, Rachel Favela, who told me my No. 1 goal in life is to take care of my child and to get my education, which holds the key to our future.

I am here also because of the support of my family and friends, but without Red Canyon High School ” which helped me with my goal of graduating one year early ” I wouldn’t be here today.

RCHS makes a real difference for students who attend wanting to receive an education and help them even go on to college

The staff at RCHS has made a great impact on my life and will help me have a better future.

Vail Colorado

I once worked with a guy who said to me, “I think the worst thing a kid can do is have a child when they are young.”

In my instance, the exact opposite is true. Some people may wonder how that may be, but I have continually pondered this idea and I have determined I am certainly a much better person because of my son.

How else could I have learned the lessons I know now? What would have motivated me to try so hard to finish high school and pursue my education on to college and medical school? What else could have made me realize how

See Life lessons, page 5

grateful I now am and should always be for everything that happens?

The only answer is my two-year-old son, Tarren Kai.

This fall I will start a program at Mesa State College. The program is called Fast Track. It is a program designed for students graduating high school early. Next year I will be considered an Eagle County high school senior but also a Mesa State freshman. Although I am graduating in my original class of 2005, it is considered one year early because I dropped out of high school in my sophomore year

when I discovered I was pregnant, then returned to RCHS one year later, so I have only attended high school for three years.

The Eagle County School District will pay for my first year at Mesa State, since I am still considered a “student” in this county.

I know some people think of RCHS as a school for “slackers” but I know that

this is definitely not true. Red Canyon High School is for students who want

more than the traditional school curriculum. Students who want to learn life lessons and discover their own true character. It is for people who want to be appreciated for their uniqueness and appreciate these traits in others.

It is a school that encourages you to be who you are and not who everyone wants you to be. Without RCHS, I know I wouldn’t have had this amazing opportunity, so thank you to everyone who has helped me get to this point in my life: my amazing teachers, my fiance Victor Valdez, my parents, my friends and most of all my son. I hope you read this one day and realize how much a better person I am today because of you.

Vail Colorado

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