Mountain lions spotted in Eagle |

Mountain lions spotted in Eagle

Kathy Heicherkheicher@eaglevalleyenterprise.comEagle, CO Colorado

EAGLE, Colorado Two reported sightings of a mountain lion near the Eagle Cemetery recently prompted the Eagle Police to send out a reverse 911 call warning area residents to be cautious.Police Chief Rodger McLaughlin said both sightings of the lion occurred on the afternoon of Nov. 7. A citizen first called in a mountain lion sighting at about noon in a backyard near Fourth and Howard streets. At 2:45 in the afternoon, a second citizen called in a sighting near the cemetery at Sixth and Church streets.The Police Department then sent out a reverse 911 call to homes in that neighborhood, urging residents to be vigilant. There is no reason for alarm, said McLaughlin, noting that the police department and the Colorado Division of Wildlife will be making extra patrols in the area.Craig Wescoatt, Eagle District manager for the Division of Wildlife, said he canvassed the area with the Eagle cops on Friday afternoon after the sightings were reported. However, they did not find the animal nor any tracks.Wescoatt said he does receive periodic reports of lion sightings near the cemetery.It wouldnt surprise me at all, given the number of deer in the cemetery, he said. Mountain lions like to prey on deer.However, Wescoatt said the last two lion sightings near the cemetery actually proved to be red foxes.Mountain lions are most active at dusk and dawn. People need to take a few extra precautions with their dogs and pets … but there is a very low likelihood of encountering a lion, Wescoatt said.Wildlife experts offer the following safety tips for people who live in mountain lion habitat: Always be aware of your surroundings. Landscape for safety. Remove plants that attract wildlife. Dont feed wildlife. Dont leave pet food outside. Keep pets secure. Roaming pets are easy prey for lions. Dont approach a lion. Most want to avoid humans. Supervise children. Never run from a lion that could trigger their instinct to chase. Make eye contact. Stand tall, make yourself appear larger.

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