Mountain liquor stores mix it up over Sunday booze |

Mountain liquor stores mix it up over Sunday booze

Joanne KelleyRocky Mountain News Vail, CO Colorado

ASPEN, Colorado Visitors to Aspen often find the entrance to Local Spirits liquor store open on Sundays, but that’s only because owner Michael Haisfield happens to be inside taking inventory.Sunday liquor sales have been prohibited in Colorado for decades, leaving tourists in some resort towns high and dry when they discover they can’t stock up after arriving for a week of skiing or other leisure pursuits.”People always come up and get excited when they think we’re open,” Haisfield said. “But we have to explain to them we’re not.”All that will change Sunday, when liquor stores will be permitted to sell libations seven days a week.The move has been met with skepticism by some store owners, particularly those at small shops who value having a day off each week to organize their businesses or just relax. Some say the extra day will merely spread out sales or shift some of Saturday’s sales to the next day, especially at stores relying mostly on local residents who have become accustomed to the schedule.But in resort areas that depend on a steady stream of out-of-towners, liquor store owners expect to catch at least some extra business from travelers.”For the person who comes here from Phoenix and is used to buying alcoholic beverages 24 hours a day and seven days a week, this will probably be helpful,” said Jay Jaynes, owner of The Wine House, a full-service liquor store in Crested Butte. “But I have to confess, I liked having a mandated day off.”Jaynes said the handful of local liquor stores in his neck of the woods will likely plan to open on Sundays.In Vail and other upscale enclaves, condominium and hotel concierges have become adept at alerting late Saturday arrivals to make a trip to the liquor store their first order of business. But inevitably, some visitors would find themselves stuck on Sundays.”I’m going to miss my day off,” said Jonathan Staufer, who owns Grappa Fine Wines & Spirits in Vail Village. “But it’s what people want, and we shall dutifully oblige.”

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