Mountain Medical closes Avon office |

Mountain Medical closes Avon office

Daily Staff Report

Colorado Mountain Medical is expanding its staff in the Vail office, located on the second floor of the Vail Valley Medical Center building, and in the Edwards office in the Edwards medical complex. Colorado Mountain Medical closed its Avon office on Friday. There are now more doctors in the Vail and Edwards offices. Dr. Kent Petrie and Dr. Jean Hadley have moved to the Vail office. Dr. Brad Lyons moved to the Edwards facility along with Dr. Marita Bledsoe, a pediatrician. Physician’s assistant Meg Hartley will be working in both offices.Dr. Jon Feeney, Dr. Jennifer Bettenhausen, Dr. Diane Voytko, and internist Dr. Wag Schorr will continue to practice in Edwards. A pediatric wing with four new examination rooms will be added to the Edwards office. Family medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology will still be practiced in the Vail office. Dr. Marc Peck, Dr. Steve Yarberry, Dr. Susie Vickerman and Dr. Eric Olson, along with Hadley and Petrie, will make up the family medicine staff. Dr. Nima Patel will join Dr. Ed Cohen and Dr. Rachel Bernstein in the obstetrics and gynecology department in September.Internal medicine physicians Dr. Jack Eck, Dr. Mark Stephens and Dr. Marc Shiffman will continue to treat patients in the Vail office. Dr. Shiffman also has office hours in Frisco on Mondays and Fridays.vail colorado

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