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Editor’s note: The following excerpts were taken from Eagle County law enforcement officers and police reports.

EAGLE ” The suspected driver of a car involved in a hit-and-run accident at 12:30 a.m. on Aug. 25 wasn’t too hard for the local police to spot. He was the intoxicated fellow swaying in the crowd, with a scraped knee and airbag dust covering his hair.

Eagle police responded to a report of a vehicle knocking down a street sign in the Eby Creek roundabout. Moments later, the same vehicle crashed into a parked vehicle at Eagle River Villas.

When officers arrived, a crowd of people, who had been startled awake by the crash, were at the accident looking at two smashed vehicles, including a pickup truck with deployed airbags. The driver did not stay with the vehicle.

When officers started canvassing the crowd to determine who owned the suspect pickup, a woman stepped forward and said it belonged to her husband. Moments later, the policeman noticed a slightly injured man, covered with airbag dust, in the crowd.

When confronted, the man initially claimed to be the brother of the car owner. However, the wife confirmed his true identity. At that point, the suspect began to cry uncontrollably, saying he was not hurt, but was scared that his wife would be angry with him.

He was taken to the jail, ticketed for drunk driving, then released to his wife.

Stolen laptop

GYPSUM ” On Aug. 28 a Colorado Mountain News Media employee reported that his laptop was stolen from his workplace in Gypsum on Aug. 23. It was a silver Dell laptop valued at $500. There are no leads at this time.

Practical joke costs $500

GYPSUM ” A vehicle was vandalized outside Eagle Valley Glass and Tile located on Lindbergh Drive in Gypsum. The owner noticed scratches on the windshield after removing a box of tampons from underneath his windshield wiper. The estimated cost of the damage is $500. There are no leads in this case.

Give and take

– A year after a thief stole a $500 generator from a construction site in Eagle, the contractor was able to point the police to a former employee as the likely suspect.

A police investigator invited the suspect into the office for a talk. The man initially denied any involvement, but eventually admitted that he did take the generator, which he had stashed in a camper at his home.

He agreed to bring the generator back. At the time the report was made, the contractor was declining to press charges.

– Thieves stole a $2,500 copper chimney, surrounded with custom steel, from a roofing company on Chambers Avenue. A security tape recorded the two masked men who took the chimney, and the vehicle they drove away in. Police are on the lookout for a white Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Miscellaneous mischief

– A realtor reported the theft of a $150 sign from a lot in the Bluffs subdivision.

– Thieves stole the rear license plates off five vehicles parked in the Golden Eagle complex. Extra police patrols are scheduled in the area.

– A bike was found abandoned near the Eagle River, by the Visitor Center. Call 328-6351 with a description of you’re missing a bike.

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