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Allen Best

JACKSON HOLE, Wyo. – Noise, noise, noise – you just can’t get away from it in that dusty little cow town of Jackson. So says Michael Perlman, a columnist for the Jackson Hole News & Guide (Sept. 10). Having lived from LA to Manhattan and traveled the world from Vietnam to Nepal, Perlman suggests that Jackson can hold its own with the noise capitals of the world during summer.There’s the PA system from the fairgrounds, teenagers whose car stereos can thump out conversation inside a local restaurant as they pass by, not to mention barking dogs, roaring lawnmowers and the teeth-grinding diesel engines that seem to afflict half of all pickups these days.Rare glacial flood closes railroadYOHO NATIONAL PARK, British Columbia – A rare glacial flood occurred in early August in Yoho National Park, forcing the Canadian Pacific Railway to divert traffic to an alternative route; unaffected was the Trans-Canada Highway.Causing the quick gush of rock, boulders and mud was something called a jokulhlaup, which is a large outburst flood that occurs when a glacially dammed lake drains.”There’s a basin, and that basin has filled up with water in the past, and we believe that it all of a sudden finds a way out onto the glacier and you get a massive discharge,” a research scientist with the Geological Survey of Canada told the Rocky Mountain Outlook.Major slides also occurred in 1925 and 1978, and there have been other, smaller-scale slides since.

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