MountainFit, a mobile athletic training service, brings injury evaluation and healing to you |

MountainFit, a mobile athletic training service, brings injury evaluation and healing to you

You had a great day on the slopes until…the mishap. Maybe you fell just on a catwalk, or took a tumble and had a “yard sale” in Vail’s Back Bowls. You shook the snow off, gathered your gear and were able to get down the hill and back to your lodge or condo, but what if you are really hurt?

This is where MountainFit comes in. MountainFit is a mobile athletic training and injury evaluation service that travels to you. Created by certified athletic trainer Lexi Mossman in 2015, MountainFit uses cutting edge therapeutic modalities and hands-on manual therapy to evaluate, treat, and prevent injuries wherever you are.

“I was an assistant athletic trainer at the University of Michigan and I would spend my winter and summer breaks interning in Vail treating injured patients,” Mossman said. “I then came up with the concept that I could treat these Vail clients the same way that I treated my football and hockey athletes at the U of M and MountainFit was born.”

MountainFit will evaluate your potential injury and provide feedback on whether you need to see a physician or if your injury can be treated immediately. This is beneficial because you can save time and possible save a trip to the doctor. Mossman will provide first class care with the finest sports medicine tools, manual therapy and rehabilitative exercises. This is especially convenient if you don’t have a car while visiting and don’t know where to go to find out how serious your injury is.

MountainFit treats locals as well. Injury prevention and recovery are a big part of Mossman’s focus.

“There are two things that amaze me about the healing nature here in Vail. First, many people have such great body awareness. They’re familiar enough with their body to know when they’re sore, how hard to push their bodies and when they need to slow down to recover, Mossman said. “Second, there is an attitude to get back out there. Our clients don’t just want to feel better, they want to achieve and maintain an active lifestyle.”

Don’t hesitate to give MountainFit a call if you are concerned about a new injury or even a nagging injury from the past. To learn more about MountainFit, visit the website at

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