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Movie snack

The one thing the Vail Valley agrees on is movie popcorn: It’s good. And it’s not just an accident. “We buy the best corn we can get,” says theater owner Steve Lindstrom. After much research and popcorn popping, they settled on a hybrid seed from a growers cooperative in Nebraska. Secondly, they use Popwise oil, an embarrassingly healthy alternative. “It’s pretty darn healthy and tasty. People think of movie theater popcorn as one of those indulgences, but it’s not exactly the case.”

Though the uninitiated might think red licorice is red licorice, ask any afficionado and you’ll discover a long-standing rivalry between lovers of the Twizzler and the Red Vine. Though both are popular, Twizzler fans are a vote-casting lot, and the sweet and plasticky red treat is second only to popcorn. As for Goobers, their popularity is questionable. But Goobers fans are noisy, and demand it every time they’re discontinued. Several voters prefer to bring their own snack, especially Jack Daniels. “We like those flat bottles because they don’t roll down the aisle,” says Lindstrom good naturedly.

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