Moving day in Gypsum coming soon – Habitat for Humanity |

Moving day in Gypsum coming soon – Habitat for Humanity

Kathy Heicher
Kathy Heicher/Enterprise

GYPSUM Anybody who has ever built a house can testify that it seems like, at times, nothing is happening.Then the project nears completion, and all the details seem to come together at once: the wiring, the plumbing, the drywall, the cabinets, the trim.Thats exactly what is happening at Habitat for Humanitys accelerated Blitz Build project in Gypsums Buckhorn Valley subdivision. The walls are painted, the cabinets are installed and the doors are hung. Theres still lots of details to take care of, but, pending approval by the building inspectors, the Steve and Evie Bopp and their family, who now live in Edwards, should be able to move in during the coming week.The Bopps, who have adopted their two young grandsons, have outgrown their small trailer home in Edwards. They also needed a different home because Evie suffers from multiple sclerosis, a progressive disease. She is wheelchair bound, and needs a house that is adapted to that disability.Among the volunteer workers who have put some serious time into the house during the past week is the crew from Merkling & Associates, who specialize in finish carpentry. Company head Carl Merkling has done some small-scale Habitat for Humanity work before, but this is the first project where the amount of time donated was substantial. He estimates his crew has volunteered a total of about 120 man hours.Thats okay. It is good karma, if nothing else. This is for a good cause, and the Bopps certainly need it, says Merkling.His crews, including Israel Navarrette, Juan Esparza, Vince Kenbloski, Reuben Chavez, and Diego Chavez, have been busy with the interior details, including countertops, closet shelving, doors and cabinets. Theyre proud of some details, they say. Theres a special work station where Evie will be able to use her computer, which requires some extra room, because of the viewing aid she uses to bolster her failing eyesight. The counters also have a special, finger-grip feature that will allow her to pull her wheelchair up closer.Like many of the subcontractors on the Blitz Build project, Merklings company was drawn into the project by Rick Hermes of Hermes Custom Homes, the developer who is leading the effort. Merklings company works with Hermes on large-scale custom homes up-valley.We were more than happy to help out, said Merkling.Vail Colorado

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