Moving on, and what else? |

Moving on, and what else?

Don Rogers

With Vail Resorts CEO Adam Aron announcing that he’ll leave the company on his 10th anniversary, you just know renewed rumors of the company’s sale are bound to flare.Sure enough, we have one specific report, including a familiar name from the past. But the information thus far is secondhand – perhaps OK for our big city papers to run with lead headlines again, but by no means nailed down. In summer 2004 we did this dance, with the Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News “breaking” the story of Vail Resorts’ imminent sale. Only, oops. It never happened. So they broke news that wasn’t. It happens, although we’d think more of them if they at least used primary sources before rushing to print.So, here we go again, possibly. Meantime, VR execs generally chuckle at all this. Rest assured that someone is always kicking the tires. Sometimes the news media hear something. Far more often they don’t. The sale of the company that makes the town is a huge deal, of course. The main guy announcing his departure is pretty big news, too. Adam Aron will go out on top, assuming the next five months play out much as the past year has. Stock price above imagination. Timely sales of hotels bought when their market was down. The many benefits of great snow. Leading that long-anticipated “new dawn” of construction for Vail the town. He’s grown some big shoes for whoever follows.Vail, Colorado

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