Moving sculptures in Vail |

Moving sculptures in Vail

HL New Scuptures in Vail DT 9-19-08

VAIL ” Vail’s Art in Public Places has installed two 12-foot-high sculptures by Seattle-based artist Andrew Carson in Vail Village. The sculptures are located at the top of the Vail Transportation Center near the Visitor Information Center. The kinetic bronze-and-glass sculptures are on loan to the town for up to two years.

Carson made the sculptures, titled “Bronze Sun Glass Balls,” by cutting out 149 small pieces of bronze and then welding them together to form the arms and the bases. The colored glass is cut from sheets and formed into organic cup shapes using a special process that yields a very strong product.

AIPP members first became acquainted with Carson’s artwork in 2006. Since then, the 11-member board has been looking for an opportunity to commission the artist to make a site-specific sculpture for Vail. Carson offered to lend the two sculptures to the town so residents and board members could determine whether the artistic style fits Vail’s mountain setting, according to Leslie Fordham, AIPP coordinator.

“Also, this will give us an opportunity to evaluate how the glass will hold up to winter temperatures,” Fordham said.

AIPP has the option to purchase the sculptures during the loan period for $22,500 each, with a 20 percent discount if the purchase takes place in the next year. Those interested in commenting on the sculptures can fill out a card available at the Visitor Information Center, or e-mail Fordham at

More information about Andrew Carson and examples of his work can be found at More information about AIPP can be found at

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