Mt. Massive Golf Course ready for Nordic skiing |

Mt. Massive Golf Course ready for Nordic skiing

Christine Ina Casillas

Vail Colorado, CO

LEADVILLE ” Golfing isn’t the only thing locals and tourists alike can enjoy at Mount Massive Golf Course.

Winter sports enthusiasts now have another spot in Lake County to stretch their legs for Nordic skiing.

A four-mile looped track has been designed and set that welcomes Nordic skiers.

And the track is free for users.

But no snowmobiles on the course, said Craig Stuller, Mount Massive Golf Course general manager. In fact, snowmobiles are strictly prohibited at this stage.

Snowmobiles trespassing onto the golf course could cause reconsideration of the idea of opening the course for any winter activities, Stuller said.

However, just one snowmobile is being used but that’s only for the track setting, Stuller said.

“We’re in the process of procuring a roller to make a better quality track,” Stuller said. “We ask that skiers respect the rope lines around the putting greens, and stick to skiing on the areas packed out by the snowmobile.”

Because of the flat open track, the course is great for beginners.

“We think it’s silly to have a commercial kitchen, nice clubhouse and what is an excellent venue for winter activities lying dormant during the non-golf season,” Stuller said.

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