Mtn Hive public hearings postponed, Eagle County staff recommends project denial |

Mtn Hive public hearings postponed, Eagle County staff recommends project denial

This computer rendering depicts how the Mtn HIve project would look at completion. The proposed rental project would be located south of the Edwards Corner building.
Photo courtesy Remonov + Co.

The Mtn Hive proposal was slated to debut before the Eagle County Planning Commission on Dec. 16, but the project’s initial public hearing has been tabled to Jan. 20.

In preparation for the Wednesday scheduled public hearing, the Eagle County planning staff issued a recommendation to deny the project, saying it is not in compliance with the future land use map for the Edwards area. Additionally, staff stated the property “is subject to a restrictive plat note restricting uses to ‘pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular access, drainage structures, landscaping, utilities, trails, recreation facilities and open space.’”

Mtn Hive is a proposal from local developer Remonov and Company for a co-living project planned on a hillside located south of the Edwards Corner building.

This image from Eagle County shows the proposed Mtn Hive site, outlined in yellow.
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The proposal calls for small single- and double-occupancy apartments that range in size from 180 square feet to 300 square feet — including a bathroom and compact kitchen space, along with a living area that converts to a bedroom when a Murphy bed is pulled down from a wall.

While the individual units are small, the Remonov team says residents will also have access to a number of on-site amenities including a fitness center, bike and ski storage, central lounges, a game room, working nooks, a mini-market, event space, library, on-site laundry, a catering style kitchen and bike- and car-sharing programs.

“Remonov has spent the last 10 months working with staff to retool the Mtn Hive project based on feedback from the local community,” said company vice president Makenzie Mueller. “The Mtn Hive is now two stories shorter and we have also altered our housing plan to include rent-restricted units and further limits on short term rentals.

“After receiving the staff report, we feel that we still have some things that we can address to further fit the needs of the community so we have decided to table the hearing in order to address those items,” Mueller said.

The project has netted attention from many area residents since it was submitted last fall for sketch plan approval, a zoning change and a “comprehensive plan exception.” Concerns with the proposal included traffic, density, land-use history and the character of the development.

“The history of the restrictive plat notes on this parcel goes back to 1997,” said project opponent Chris Neuswanger. “To get approval for Edwards Corner and Edwards Commercial Park the Remenov company dedicated this parcel as essentially open and recreation space to buffer the commercial from the residential.”

“I would also note the Edwards Area Community Plan does address the need for employee housing and there are several places where significant amounts of employee housing could be put, but the plan also emphasizes that open spaces are important,” Neuswanger said.

Visit to view the entire Mtn Hive land use application and see the entire Eagle County staff recommendation.

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