Much ado about Cacioppo |

Much ado about Cacioppo

Tamara Miller

So Michael Cacioppo is back in town. Did anyone think he could really stay away? Even when I interviewed him for a Vail Daily article about his exodus last winter, I doubted he was gone for good.

Much less surprising, then, is that the man has quickly found a soapbox to spew his perspective in our valley’s daily newspaper. Yes, his views are on the ultra side of conservative. Yes, his writing could use some editing. Yes, it seems he has it out for teachers, certain politicians and progressive-thinking people of any kind.

But why all the fuss?

Cacioppo, for the most part, has done more locally to make liberals look moderate, and teachers like whipping boys. He has given politicians like Arn Menconi more widespread voter appeal, if only because Menconi is often the victim of a Cacioppo diatribe.

And though many would hate to admit it, the man does have a point sometimes. No one in this county is a bigger advocate for open government than Cacioppo. He sued the school district to force them to release documents they should have released in the first place. Arguably, the information revealed once his freedom of information act request was answered hardly benefited the public: Does anyone really care if some school officials were urging others to boycott his paper via the district’s e-mail? But the principle behind his suit is something we should all care about.

Government, local and national, has become a lot more secretive about things they shouldn’t, whether it be refusing to give out salaries for taxpayer-paid employees or allowing federal officials to conduct secret searches on you without your knowledge, as they are allowed under the Patriot Act.

One just wishes Cacioppo would extend his zeal to defend taxpayers to the Bush Administration, too.

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