Much ado about parking |

Much ado about parking

Compiled by Vail Daily staff

Parking appears to be on the minds of everyone in Vail. There’s the push by town officials to raise parking fees, there’s the scramble to create more parking before the 2007-08 ski season begins and there are the plans to redevelop the Lionshead parking structure, which are being held up by ” what else? ” more concerns about parking.

News that Vail Resorts won’t approve plans to replace the Lionshead parking structure until a parking garage for the ski company’s own Ever Vail project is built, garnered a few web comments.

This primate-esque positioning and chest-beating is silly. Mastinter and Cleveland, sit down. Katz controls the destiny of the Lionshead Parking structure and holds all of the cards.


Wrong, Repetance!

If Vail Resorts wants any cooperation down the road on any of it’s other projects, then they better be willing to release it’s hold on the Lionshead parking structure. Live by the sword ” die by the sword!

Oh yeah, we’d have to have a majority of Vail Town Council people willing to stand them down. While we might have a couple with moxie, I don’t think Cleveland is one of them!

So, maybe you’re right! Katz just might hold all the cards!


If I were Katz, I’d tell the town to take a flying leap, too. He’s only acting in his company’s best interests. He’s not about to give away his deed restriction (land) so someone else can profit from it. Parking doesn’t pay, otherwise Arrabelle would have been a giant parking structure. If it don’t pay, they don’t develop. Nothing personal, it’s business.


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