Much to be thankful for |

Much to be thankful for

Home sweet Habitat Home! Guess who, guys? It’s us, Nat and Scooby Katz. Need we say more? Yes. Yes. Yes. It’s time to build. Please read our important article. We appreciate it. I’ll try and make this short and sweet, but when it comes to thank you letters, it might take a moment.

In May of 2007, the Vail Daily wrote an article that Habitat in Eagle County was taking applications for families that needed affordable, decent housing here in Eagle County. After working a nine-hour shift as a waitress ” my feet were killing me, even with my Crocs on (I bet any server in this valley can relate) ” I decided to go to the Avon Public Library and listen to what Habitat had to say. Thank goodness I did!

I learned that as a single parent, who has only one child, works her butt off, and pays all her own bills, I could qualify for a home of our own! I have been living in this wonderful valley for more than 20 years now (never skied a day in my life, a true local I guess) and have managed to raise, as a single mom, a happy, healthy and kind daughter. You all know her as Scooby (and yes, she has a real name). My point is to let you all know that I thank you and am giving a big shout out to all of my Vail family who helped me raise such an awesome child. I couldn’t have done it without you guys, from my true friends, my workplace, Scooby’s awesome teachers who gave her the education and love any parent would say thank you a million times over for, and all my customers at my great workplace (the West Side Cafe rocks) who have come to know me and Scooby as “family.” Thank you, thank you, thank you for supporting me and Scooby (every tip helped us to qualify for our Habitat Home).

OK, my turn for bragging rights as a single mom (and any person who helped, cared and loved Scooby, high-five yourselves now!). My daughter and I have been living at Riverview Apartments for more than 10 years now. Riverview is the only low-income housing complex in Eagle County and has kept a roof over our heads. Who thought that a little girl living here at Riverview would graduate from fifth grade at Meadow Mountain Elementary with top honors (they had six kids to choose from). Well, I did!

Again, who thought that that kid could do the same three years later and be the only eighth-grader to not only graduate from Minturn Middle School as the valedictorian, but be the only eighth-grade student to achieve a 4.0 GPA. I did! Thanks to you, my wonderful Vail Valley, for helping me raise such an awesome kid.

I guess what I’m trying to convey to all parents, single or otherwise, a tip on raising a loving, kind, smart and happy child. Listen to them. Love them. Support them, and tell them it’s still OK to love their “mamas” and respect their teachers. Not that hard really.

Last but not least, thanks, Habitat, and all involved for giving me and my daughter a home! And a special “how can I thank you?” to the Bachelor Gulch Club. You have made a dream come true for Scooby and I. I wish you all good karma. You have given so much that words really can’t say what this means to me. God bless you all. By the way, let’s go bowling again. It’s all about the warm beer, moist bowling shoes, and breaking 100. I promise Scooby and I are not pro bowlers. It was the great company who helped.

I hope that, most of all, our sweet little Vail Valley gets this message. Please, it’s the perfect time to help. It’s the off season, kids are back in school, the weather’s awesome and most of all we really need your help. If you have any type of building skills (Jim won’t let me touch the nail gun) grab a couple of your buddies and call Habitat (970-748-6718) to sign up. Please help Scooby and I, along with three other wonderful families, to have a home for the holidays.

Lots of love, tons of good karma to you all. Please believe.

P.S. If I have left anyone out, please feel free to hit me over the head with a hammer at the building site at Fox Hollow in Edwards. Love you guys!

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