Mud-season meltdown |

Mud-season meltdown

Charlie Owen
Special to the DailyDJ Z-Trip plays Saturday night at 8150, spinning danceable mash-ups.

The end of the ski season is always bitter-sweet. Everybody has their own rituals and celebrations, as well as mourning. The death of one season always brings the birth of another, and springtime means melting snow and higher rivers, green golf courses and mountain biking. The closing of the Vail ski resort is a big deal if you’re a local and living here for the snow, but it is certainly not the end of the fun. Everybody has one last chance to wax up those skis and snowboards, strap on those boots and give thanks to the gods of winter and snow. After your last turns on Vail, celebrate with friends and fellow snow enthusiasts with a drink and some great music – and then start counting the days until next season.All that is groovy

On Friday night at 8150, Los Angeles-based band Slightly Stoopid will perform. Stoopid is a mixture of all that is groovy. It includes elements of hip-hop, reggae, blues and rock to make some very funky tracks. Sublime’s late vocalist Bradley Nowell signed the band to his Skunk Records label, and Stoopid began a long climb to success. This band works its butt off, with nonstop touring and promotion. Its music offers something for everyone and is sure to make fans of Sublime and the California surf-and-party scene happy. While it leans heavily on reggae and ska beats, punk rock is a huge factor in Stoopid’s sound, which combines the raw energy of dance and thrash into one package. Melodic, harmonizing vocals only add to the beauty and flavor of the righteous, flowing lyrics. Appearing with Slightly Stoopid is Wylde Bunch, an alternative hip-hop group also from LA. This tight-knit group of family and friends (11 member total) have re-defined the limits of hip-hop. With a huge, dominating sound that is a little bit rock, soul, funk, and anything else you can think of, they take the music in a positive and fun direction. They have already picked up a large fan base and media exposure. You may recognize their hit “On Top” from the 2007 NBA theme song and their song “Yeah Yeah (Stomp The Bleachers)” from the 2006 Fox Sports College Football theme song. They were also featured on video game soundtracks and performed at the X-Games. The Wylde Bunch, coupled with Slightly Stoopid, are guaranteed to put on an explosive show. Do not miss this one.

Friday is 4/20Loaded Joe’s is also having a 4/20 party, with five great local bands to enjoy. Serafiend, Aztec Benjamin, Death Rattle, The Introverts and Defying Gravity will do their best to melt your face off with blistering guitars and smashing drum beats. Heavy metal fans, get out your Slayer shirts and stone-washed jeans, this is an event you won’t want to miss. Every kind of metal is on tap, from speed, to death, to punk, so get ready to head-bang the night away.Drivin’ that train

For a more mellow experience, head over to the Sandbar for the Rocky Mountain Grateful Dead Revue Friday and Saturday. You never know what you are going to get at a Grateful Dead Revue. The musicians change from show to show, the set-lists vary depending on who is playing. Just know that you are in for a wonderful evening of Grateful Dead music from musicians who live and breathe their sound. Joining the Revue is Rob Eaton, guitarist and singer for Darkstar Orchestra.Take a Z-TripSaturday night it’s time to get into dance mode. DJ Z-Trip will scratch it up at 8150, and the bouncing floor will help you get up and then down. Z-Trip is most famous for pioneering the mash-up movement of DJ’ing, that has since gone on to inspire the Jay-Z/Linkin Park project, among other things. He has opened for the Rolling Stones and played to thousands at the Bonaroo Festival, and his bootleg tapes are highly sought after commodities. Z is guaranteed to keep the party rocking all night long. Joining Z-Trip will be Bobby Collins and DJ Claw.

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