Muggers miss cash, take $1 hat |

Muggers miss cash, take $1 hat

Veronica Whitney

AVON – A 38-year-old Avon man told police two men who attacked him didn’t take his money, just the black wool hat he was wearing. The man was apparently mugged in the parking lot of Sun Ridge Phase II around 10 p.m. while he was on his way back from a trip to the liquor store to buy cigarettes, police said. While he was walking back to his apartment two Hispanic men approached him in the parking lot and asked for his wallet. The man said one of the two muggers – who was wearing a black jacket, baggy khaki pants and a black hat – then held him from behind while the other man hit him a couple of times. He said the man hitting him wore a brown hooded jacket, baggy pants and a white hat.The man was bruised on his chin and forehead, which he said were a result from the assault, police said. The man told police he had money in his pocket but the two men didn’t get it. The only thing they took was his old $1 black hat. The man said the two men left in a red Suzuki-type sport utility vehicle. Police did a search, but couldn’t find the two men.Ethnic intimidationAVON – An Avon couple was taken by surprised while doing their laundry by a man using racial slurs.A 29-year-old Mexican man from Avon was doing laundry at the Benchmark Shopping Center Laundromat with his wife when he noticed a man sitting on a couch at the south end of the shop. The man was drinking a bottle of rum, then stood up and started yelling at the wall, then he directed his attention to the Mexican man, police said.The man then cursed at the Mexican man, using racially charged language, such as, “Why don’t you go back home and quit taking our jobs and our homes.” He then pulled a red or orange utility knife from his front pocket and began walking toward the man, cursed at him once again and raised the utility knife, police said.When the Mexican man said he was going to call the police, the man with the knife ran out of the Laundromat. The man with the knife was wearing a gray coat, black pants and a black shirt, and a black cap that had string on it.Police searched for the man, but couldn’t find him.Police witnesses attackAVON – Police arrested a 29-year-old Avon woman after she allegedly hit and slapped her ex-boyfriend in front of them.The woman had been upset because her boyfriend of 10 months had broken up with her that day, police said.When the 28-year-old man asked if he could leave and take his belongings from the woman’s West Beaver Creek Boulevard apartment, she began yelling and cursing at him, allegedly threw a half carton of orange juice at him, jumped on him, and began hitting and slapping him in front of officers who were in the apartment after a neighbor called them, police said. When police arrived, neighbors told the officers they had received a call from the woman’s apartment saying she was suicidal.Once in the woman’s apartment, police talked to the ex-boyfriend, who said he had come to the apartment after the woman had called him and asked him to shoot her with a rifle she owns.Staff Writer Veronica Whitney can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 454, or Vail, Colorado

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