Mujahedin hit the slopes |

Mujahedin hit the slopes

Don Rogers

One of the coolest things happening in the world is the alpine resort that mujahedin fighters are building outside Kabul, Afghanistan.Much of the rest of America and the world no doubt misses the significance of such an act. But we shouldn’t. After all, didn’t 110 percent of us come here for the skiing or snowboarding? Look, it’s pretty hard to ski in a bhurka, although we do know from our own 10th Mountain Division World War II heroes and the Olympic biathlon that slinging a rifle remains possible while schussing down the slopes outside Kabul.Still, a resort even with just one ski run planned is a nice step for a country not so long ago operating under the hardcore strictures of Osama and the Taliban.Kabul, at 5,876 feet, gets wintery enough for 25 inches of snow to cover the ground, and the slopes rise to passes at 10,000 feet that storms regularly close. Now, if only Iraq can reach the point its insurgents lay down arms and hit the slopes. D.R. Vail, Coloradao

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