Murder, rebus and mayhem- a puzzling adventure |

Murder, rebus and mayhem- a puzzling adventure

Wren Wertin
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Sometimes a rebus can change the world, especially if you’re a character in “Bone Chiller.”

The comedic thriller is presented by the Battle Mountain High School Players today through Sunday in the school’s auditorium. The cast of 13 takes the audience on a journey through the trials and tribulations of solving a rebus – a puzzle with pictures – in order to receive a hefty inheritance. But, naturally, there’s a murderer on the loose – which means another type of puzzle entirely.

“Not everyone is who he or she seems to be,” said Director Suzanne Foster.

“The plot is unpredictable,” said Meghan Meehan, a senior. “It twists and turns.”

“It’s supposed to be murder scary, but it’s so not,” said Jamie Simmonds, a junior.

It’s as unlikely a group as any: a parlor maid, a policeman, a matriarch, a nut case. The 13 players discover clues about the puzzle and each other as the evening wears on.

“This play is different than the ones we’ve done in the past four or five years,” said Foster. “Except for one character, everyone is on stage the whole time. So instead of learning bits and pieces of parts, they have to learn the whole thing.”

“It’s a challenge,” said Aaron Quintana, a senior. “You don’t speak all the time. There might be whole pages (or script) where you’re not talking.”

“But you still have to be in character,” said Simmonds.

“I love my character,” said Chelsea Buniger, a sophomore. “She’s very in touch with herself.”

“Yeah, but she’s not in touch with reality,” rejoined Quintana.

The cast appears to have embraced their characters. They take particular pleasure in playing people completely different than themselves.

“It’s funny, the characters are so eccentric,” said Simmonds.

“I’m Addie the lawyer,” said Meehan. “She gets really, really upset and starts yelling at people. But I think I’m a pretty nice person.”

“I get to turn people into things,” said Buniger. “Like breathing bran muffins.”

Briggs Brown, a sophomore, has been involved in the performing arts in the past, but this is his first traditional play.

“Mostly I do monologues and dialogues,” he said. “But I like the cast, it’s a more at-home environment.”

He’s also a fan of improv, and has found himself wanting to improvise as his character, Mauvins.

“It’s different,” he said. “You have to be enforced by the lines.

People have inquired as to whether the play, a comedic murder mystery, is age-appropriate for children.

“It’s more funny than scary,” said Foster.

And puzzling, too.

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Breaking legs

what: “Bone Chiller’

when: Today, 8 p.m.

Saturday, 7 p.m.

Sunday, 2 p.m.

where BMHS Auditorium, Eagle-Vail

Cast: Role

Walker Loetscher Jerry Delvin

Lauren Vickers Connie Travers

Anthony Scully Buzzy Burdett

Amanda Larson Theodosia Travers

Kelly Lemon Flame Fondue

Chelsea Buniger Zita Van Zok

Briggs Brown Mauvins

Meghan Meehan Addie Sheridan

Rebecca Richardson Kissy Travers

Jamie Simmonds Eloise Ainsley

Janice Savonen Pippi

Kelsey Abbott Lucretia

Aaron Quintana Dan Denton

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