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Music and chilly water

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Special to the Daily/Jeff MooreSeth "Juice" Goldstein, bassist for Henry Parsons Project, goes deep. The Henry Parson Project plays at State Bridge Lodge in Bond at today at 7 p.m.

A self-proclaimed Bloodkin Tribute Band, the Henry Parsons Project started out as a few friends getting together to play the music they loved in a friend’s basement. As dedicated jamsters are want to do, they started ecrewing a following. A few months of rigorous touring, insane gigs and too much Budweiser moved the group out of the basement and onto the stage.”We’re a bunch of southern boys,” said Henry Parsons Project vocalist Tori Pater. “We’re all big Panic fans.”

Now known as more of a Widespread Panic cover band, they’re still rocking out, encouraging people to dance and sing along. The Henry Parsons Project is Pater, Seth Goldstein (bass), Mark “Balkie” McNair (drums), Jeff “Birddog” Lane (percussion), Adam Stern (guitar) and Ethan Ice (keyboards).Pater grew up in Athens, Ga., where he started playing music. He moved to Chicago for seven years and started a group called Wright Walleys, who shared the stage with the likes of Little Feat and the Big Wu.

The band’s name comes from a Widespread Panic song entitled “Henry Parsons Died.”The Henry Parsons Project plays The Saloon for the Live! in Minturn series.

“We’ve never played Minturn before,” said Pater. “I’m looking forward to it. I’ve definitely drank my whiskey’s worth at the The Saloon.”For more information call the venue at 827-5954.

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