Music education – what kids want to learn |

Music education – what kids want to learn

Cindy Ramunno Special to the Daily
Special to the DailyGood Vibrations Studios in Eagle, owned and operated by Dave Peters and Bubba Dixon, sells guitars and offer guitar lessons.

Rock and salsa. Country and jazz. You name it, they do it – and they do it for next to nothing for our local students.

Located in Eagle, Good Vibrations Studios – owned and operated by Dave Peters and Bubba Dixon – have already put in countless hours for locals kids trying to further their music careers.

Local band Declaration and 19-year-old vocalist Casey Strickler are just a few of the many kids who have received expertise and time from Good Vibrations at no cost. Why? Peters and Dixon know the music business can be harsh from their own early experience.

“We were in the band Walking Paper and we won a huge contest, which resulted in an album and the opportunity to play with bands like Poison,” Peters says. Since the band was young, trusting and a little naive they got taken for a major ride and ended up having greedy, more experienced “professionals’ taking advantage of the band, Peter says.

“We want to prevent that from happening here,” he says. “There is a lot of young talent in this valley and we won’t let what happened to us happen to kids here.”

Making it easy on kids and adults who want to record is what these guys do best, at very little cost. They also offer guitar lessons and will soon be offering all musical lessons. They will also be selling and repairing instruments, along with a running full-fledged music store.

If you’re a 16-year-old boy and you’re currently teaching yourself to play because you think “lessons are a waste of time’, think again. You will learn the stuff you want to learn –quickly.

“We teach no theory – just how to play,” says Dixon. He says kids and adults can learn shortcuts and different techniques to more quickly play how they want to play.

Elementary, middle or high school students can benefit greatly from the time saved with these lessons. Eagle Valley Middle School band/music teacher Tommy Dodge insists Good Vibrations is a welcome addition to the valley. “This is a great resource for kids to take advantage of,” says Dodge. Dodge has created higher interest in the school’s band and music programs since he was hired 18 months ago.

The core of Good Vibrations lies in the studio with the Pro Tools Mix 3 system with tons of plug-ins. This format is compatible world-wide by adjusting automatically to what the original engineer did.

Studio packages are inexpensive for everyone with a professional producer/engineer/multi-instrumentalist being including for free. Studio rates run $60 per hour and the atmosphere is comfortable and welcoming – appropriate for kids and conducive to expressing creativity.

The duo also puts on the Dave and Bubba Show, which is live musical entertainment that includes tunes from Creed, Bon Jovi, Jimmy Buffet, Bare Naked Ladies, Bob Marley and Oasis. That means they are thinking like the kids and adults who are learning to play instruments.

Talented kids are many times stripped of their success before it even happens. Parents don’t have the experience or expertise in the music business and kids are too young and trusting.

Peters and Dixon have contacts and expertise, including ties with the popular TV show, American Idol. But they won’t offer empty promises. “We provide an unblemished path to the gate, but then other factors do come in,” says Peters.

As a parent, that’s all you can ask for.

For more information on lessons, studio time or anything else that Good Vibrations provides, call 328-0335.

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