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Music Extravaganza in Lionshead

Aggie Zaremba
Special to the DailySeveral bands play in five clubs at Lionshead Friday

The inaugural music festival, comprised of five parties in five clubs in Lionshead, starts Friday and will continue through Saturday. The event begins 9:30 p.m. for jazz and acoustic music (Sundance Saloon, Garfinkel’s and Billy’s Island Grill) and 10 p.m. for DJs and live bands (Powder Hounds and Kaltenberg Castle). It will feature a wide spectrum of tunes.

The idea to form a vast stage comprised of several clubs was born after Scott Stimpson, a jazz promoter, former saxophone player and vice president of the Colorado division of S.T.A.R.S. Productions, decided to take some time off and came to Vail.

“After many years of being involved in New York Club Scene as well as working in the fashion and film industry I needed to rest,” said Stimpson.

“My parents had a condominium in Vail, which I thought would be a perfect place to hide out. But after spending some time in the valley, I realised it offers lots of opportunity as far as entertainment business is concerned. I simply couldn’t miss such a chance.”

Stimpson’s aim is to make the Lionshead area attractive for tourists who usually look for entertainment in the Vail Village. And since not all tourists are interested in the same thing, he diversified. He is transforming Kaltenberg into a dance club, complete with an upgraded sound and light system. And that’s just the beginning.

“My vision is to create one common stage which would offer something interesting for all kinds of audiences,” said Stimpson. “With today’s high level of competitiveness, businesses have to get together. Otherwise, nobody makes any money. I believe good, significant things are always the result of a common effort.”

According to Stimpson, once proved successful, the initiative may also become beneficial for the town and local artists.

“I would like to see Vail’s entertainment scene develop to its full potential – that’s what a good promotion is for,” he said.

“We plan to have similar performances every weekend till Christmas. If the initiative proves successful, we’ll try to expand it to weekdays. Future goals include upgrading the looks of the Lionshead area as well as helping local bands to develop their careers.”

This weekend’s musical extravaganza features Denver and Boulder-based DJs; Tami Gosnell, a singer and songwriter described by the music director of KZYR Radio as “… an enigma… one of he most promising talents of the valley;” the Ash Ganley Band, a blend of funk, modern rock, jazz, country and blues; and the Justin Allison Trio along with the Dave Laub Quartet, improvisational jazz kings.

The performances start at 9:30 p.m. in Sundance Saloon, Garfinkel’s and Billy’s Island Grill and at 10 p.m. in Powder Hounds and Kaltenberg Castle.

For more information call Scott Stimpson at 476-0155.

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