Music, fans and friendship |

Music, fans and friendship

Aggie Zaremba
Special to the DailyThe Ash Ganley Band plays tonight at Powder Hounds in Vail.

Tonight the Ash Ganley Band will make the floor of Vail’s Powder Hounds swing, playing their “transportational” music, which is a blend of funk, modern rock, jazz, country and blues. The gig starts at 9 p.m.

The Ash Ganley Band is Ash Ganley, Chris Wright, Mark Ranches, Beau Harding and Andria Ganley, a group of musicians who at one time made a concerted effort to quit music. Fortunately, it didn’t work out – after taking some time off, they got together and formed an ensemble.

“Being a musician is emotionally tough,” said Ganley. “If you want to make a living out of music and sustain your career, you have to put yourself out there. The next thing you know is that your passion becomes labor rather than love. That’s exactly what happened to me and my friends and that’s why we all decided to quit the business.”

Putting a long-time fascination before fame and money, Ganley started to work on his own record titled “Rainshadow.”

At the same time, his idea of “musical family” was born.

“Our band is like a family,” said Ganley. “We got together in a natural way. One day I called my friends and asked if they wanted to join me. They said they were interested. With time we started to play more and more gigs that evoked a good response.”

That’s how the Ash Ganley Band was founded.

The ensemble, which celebrated its first anniversary this fall, has already shared the stage with many big names. They’ve opened for William Topley and Little Feat at the Fox Theater in Boulder, and have had a performance at B.B. King’s Blues Festival at Fiddler’s Green Amphitheater in Denver.

However, gaining popularity is not their main objective. According to Ganley, the only thing they actually care about is commitment to each other, fans and the idea of staying true to their music and sustaining a really good band.

Thus, coining themselves “top-flight rock, soul, Latin, funk and Americana roots tunes delivered with evocative singing and beautiful vocal harmonies,” the Ash Ganley Band is always excited to play live.

“I call our music transportational,” said Ganley. “Any time we are on stage we try to lead an audience on a journey through spontaneously created new territory of the emotional realm.”

Today the Ash Ganley Band kicks off Vail’s winter season, playing one of their energizing gigs at Powder Hounds in Lionshead (the old Gravity). The show starts at 9 p.m. For more information call 468-0901.

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