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Music [In Review]

Samantha Donen

The Contessa’s Party will ignite your next party into a dance-floor frenzy. The sophomore release, by the legendary artist-producer Mike Thorne (Soft Cell, The The), captures eight original tracks in 75 mad-cap minutes, from the Latin-tinged opening track “GrandMa’s GoodBye” to the pop-infused, jazz-funk break downs of “Dancing with B.” Thorne will sustain your interest throughout The Contessa’s Party with his trademark innovations in extended club mixing, choice orchestration of a lively brass horn section, and selection of world-class vocalists.

Swearing sotto voce is something at which the Scottish duo Belle and Sebastian excel. Their seventh release, The Life Pursuit, is like an ambient rock classic for the music hipster who appreciates retro instrumentation and beats. Each song on the 13-track album is about a different character and hosts a smooth music transition, like the dirty pedal grind of “White Collar Boy” into the Bowie sounding “The Blues Are Still Blue.” Web link:

If you are looking for a cool lounge album to play as background music for your restaurant or bar, this is it. The Switzerland duo, Sterephonic Space Sound Unlimited, recently released this soundtrack for the movie, “Jo Siffert, Live Fast Die Young.” The instrumental music flows from an underlying disco revival into an exotic space age scene with the use of guitars, organs, vibraphones, bongos, weird outer space sounds, drum loops, samples and tape effects. Web link:

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