Music infused with lion’s blood |

Music infused with lion’s blood

Andrew Harley
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Sound the gong, Bob Marley’s son Julian has new songs for freedom’s canon.

Julian Marley and the Uprising come to Vail to profess modern man’s lack of general positivity in daily life in a reggae-centered show at 8150 tonight at 10.

Born in England in 1975 to Barbados native Lucy Pounder, Julian and his mother often traveled to Jamaica and Miami to see his father in the years before Bob’s death.

Julian cut his first album, “Uprising,” in 1989. Julian moved to Jamaica in 1992 to work with original Wailers Aston “Family Man” Barrett and Earl “Wire” Lindo and some of his siblings. He released “Lion in the Morning” in 1996 to mixed reviews.

Since “A Lion in the Morning,” Julian and brothers Stephen Marley and Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley formed the group Ghetto Youths International. Julian helped Stephen produce 1999’s “Chant Down Babylon,” which gathered a group of American hip-hop and R&B artists (and Steven Tyler) to cover some of Bob’s most popular tunes.

Julian then released his most recent album, “A Time and Place,” with the Uprising.

“A Time and Place” fuses a roots reggae base with layers of jazz, hip-hop and R&B. The album also nods toward samba and groove. The album opens with “Father’s Place,” which uses “Father” as a reference to Bob and to Rastafarian deity Jah Rastafari and features percussion by Bunny Wailer. Stephen produces the album and Ziggy and Rohan also add percussion to the album.

Aside from Julian, the core of the Uprising has been reggae-rooted bassist Owen “Dready” Reid.

Over the past seven years, Julian has found his own voice, and though it’s not as loud and buoyant as his father’s, it has the same gutsy soul and his songwriting is poetic and sparely-phrased like Bob’s.

Julian Marley and the Uprising start things today at 10 p.m. at 8150 in Vail.

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