Music is a door |

Music is a door

Simone Fodde-Crotzerl
Vail, CO, Colorado

Thursday and Friday night, a faithful number of music lovers were treated to the delectable luxury of great food and music at the local American bistro Rick and Kelly’s, in the Inn at Riverwalk Building in Edwards.

In these days of automated thoughts composed of mainly bottom lines, some still wonder what the role or art and music is.

Here are some thoughts I’d like to share about the role of music.

During the 12th century, a group of Sufi mystic writers-philosophers equated mathematics and music to the way the divine grace communicates with humankind.

Their way of worship was manifested by a frantic dance I would define twirling.

In other words, their belief was that music is a door — a way to open our ego-minded heart to connect with divine grace, to let go of all our sorrows and become the receiving vessel for a higher energy that is connected to the creating and loving energies in the universe.

So, let’s redefine this heavy philosophical concept and translate it into simpler words.

Last night at Rick and Kelly’s,The Radiators ignited the room with such intense energy of love, life and laugher that everyone’s spirit was rejuvenated with amazing, grateful energy.

For a few cathartic hours, we all left behind our worries over the economy, how our 401 is performing, what is Obama going to do to heal eight years of sorrows and depressing news, etc., and we all become part of this amazing radiating energy that this group is consistently capable to deliver to its audience.

We jumped, we twirled, we laughed, we loved the one we were with and intuitively became enlightened to the reality that life without music and dancing is ultimately a sad life, incapable to open the heart to the healing power that music, the ultimate muse, can bring to our lives.

Thanks, Rick and Kelly’s (and Joel Weinstein as the mediator), for the joyous gift.

May the new year bring reciprocating positive energy to your delectable restaurant and to your hearts.

Simone Fodde-Crotzerl

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