Music patrons toasted at festival fund-raiser |

Music patrons toasted at festival fund-raiser

Sarah Dixon

Patrons who make the Bravo! Music festival a reality were honored with cocktails, dinner and a private concert in Beaver Creek July 8.”We’re here to appreciate all they’ve done and made possible in 17 short years,” said Bravo’s own Julie Johannes. “And to give them a night when we don’t ask for any money.”Dick Swank, former chairman of the Bravo! Festival, explained how the festival has livened up summers in the valley. “It’s the most outstanding summer festival in America,” he said. “It’s artistically unique in it’s musical diversity, but it’s also naturally unique in that it was self-supporting from the get go. When Bravo! came to the Valley, it added a new dimension to summer. The festival makes it a completely unique summer resort.”The evening’s concert was as unique as many of the performances sponsored by Bravo!. “There are three different pieces, three totally different types of music,” said Lynne Mazza, assistant artistic director for Bravo! “The first is a french trio, very perky and lively. The next is Hungarian, and the last is a French piano quartet, which is very romantic and lush.”And the patrons were certainly grateful for the fabulous evening – not to mention the recognition.”Bravo! is something our Valley should be very proud of,” said Jeri Campisi. “And it is nice to be appreciated.”

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